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Drones, Distinctions

Tonight we had a very enjoyable talk from Ian McLachlan about Drone photography which was informative humorous and entertaining. Not to forget we got to see some absolutely stunning photography from his drone flying adventures.

We even got a brief demonstration of the drone in action. When we were photographed watching the drone lift off...obviously very carefully and briefly. Amazing kit that produces some truly awe inspiring images that simply cannot in many cases be captured by other methods. He's a brave man to fly this lovely (expensive) drone over the sea!

After our tea break we went straight on to Ken Ness our President with a very in depth and informative and sometimes even frank discussion on how one might go about submitting photography to gain distinctions from the RPS, PAGB and even FIAP organizations. He covered all manner of subjects on these topics including quality standards required and the costs of memberships. Very interesting and a lot of options to consider for those wishing to take their photography to the next level.

We ran out of time after that so Ben Freeman will now be discussing external competitions at a later date, apologies for the slight overrun of the evenings proceedings.

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