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The Presidents 12 Challenge for 2018-19

Well another season of the President's 12 Challenge begins next month, remember everyone can submit photos on these topics even if they don't want to enter club competitions, this is an informal challenge designed to get ideas and creativity flowing and to get us out and about with our cameras with a theme in mind.

One image per month to be submitted as projected digital images, (JPEG files) of 1600 x 1200 pixels in size, (with 1200 pixels being the maximum height in portrait)

The topics therefore are as follows.

  1. Circles (April)

  2. How High is Up (May)

  3. Golden Hour (June)

  4. Mirror Image/Reflection (July)

  5. Self Portrait (August)

  6. The Camera Doesn’t Lie (September)

  7. Texture (October)

  8. Open Spaces (November)

  9. My Point of View (December)

  10. Markets (January)

  11. Just One Day (February)

  12. Out of Focus (March)

Remember be as creative as you like! The topic is only a guideline and gateway to endless possibilities when it comes to using your imagination. Try to be original and think different ways of looking at the topics rather than going for the obvious when looking at these themes!

Most of all though enjoy, and we look forward to seeing the results of all your efforts!

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