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BPS Annual Club Magazine

One of the perks of joining Brechin Photographic Society as a full member is you get a copy of our annual club magazine. This is an exciting new publication for the club and this year's copy will be the second edition.

After asking our current members what they thought of the trial run last year it was decided unanimously at our annual general meeting that it was a hit among our members and they'd like to keep it as a permanent feature.

This years copy looks back over the previous seasons competition entries and happenings so we can look back with pride over our photographic journey as a club and as individuals.

It also features articles that take us behind the image on the making of and constructing of certain images and the stories behind them and each year we will be welcoming more of our members to submit their own articles to the magazine.

We try to include as many members and images as we have to hand as we want the publication to represent everyone in the club equally.

We also feature some full page spreads of photographs by our members and we are always looking to get a good mix of styles and subjects for these pages.

This years magazine is a glossy covered, image packed high quality magazine of 68 pages. It will no doubt be a lovely magazine to show off to friends and family and to cherish.

These magazines will be distributed to members signing up for the 2018-19 season on the opening night 4th September 2018! So do come along and claim your copy!

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