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Architecture and the New Projector

Last night we welcomed judge Robert Smith HonSPF from Aberdeen to give us his expert feedback on our Architecture images. Personally I thought his feedback was excellent, and in particular his measures to show some of the improvements that could be done to the division 3 digital images were really constructive. The whole evening felt like a positive critique rather than a judgement.

The winning images are shown in the gallery at the foot of the page, but the results were as follows: -

Div 3

3rd Brechin High Street - Lindsay Cameron

2nd Liturgy of the Hours - Kevin Thomson

1st Elgin Cathedral - Andrew Hall

Div 2

3rd The Architect - Ben Freeman

2nd Nature's Intricate Architecture - Charlie Allison

1st Algarve - Richard Thompson

Div 1

3rd Don't Lean Over the Edge - Ian Hastie

2nd Glasgow Science Centre - James Anderson

1st Basilica - Ian Hastie

In addition, last night was the first opportunity to use the new laptop and projector, which despite a couple of blunders in the presentations by the competition secretary (I will slap myself on the wrist accordingly) it was a great success I think. The image quality from the projector is incredible compared to the old one. Some members suggested it was perhaps too bright, so we reduced the brightness at half time, and I hope the second half was slightly better.

Guest judge Bob Smith and the BPS members showing off the new projector and laptop - courtesy of the Big Lottery Fund.

We also received some comments that the projected image didn't match the prints - and I think this is a matter that demands further discussion. The projected image matches the image on the laptop screen - i.e the jpegs that were submitteed. The calibration of both of these has been checked, and both are very accurate. The bottom line is that the printed images often do not match the projected image, and this is often a function of a badly calibrated monitor - or in many cases simply a monitor turned up too bright - or a printing issue. Both may look fine - but whether they look the same is another matter. Having the excellent equipment we now have will enable further discussion and guidance on this matter. We will aim to cover this topic in future members evenings perhaps.

Hopefully this is the kind of technical issue that we will now be able to demonstrate rather than theorise about though.

Here are the winning images from last night - well done to the authors!

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