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Print of the Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed Gordon Rae's talk on Tuesday. I think that's probably the biggest turnout we've had since I joined the club, bolstered slightly by a few guests from Mearns and Carnoustie PG. Great to see the room so full.

This coming Tuesday, Andy Hayes ARPS CPAGB EFIAP will be delivering his verdict on the Rust topic, and as a result we will know the winners of the three divisions of the Annual Image Competition, so not to be missed!

In addition, Tuesday is the hand in date for our Colour and Mono Print of the Year competitions. Please note that the rules have changed slightly to a maximum of 3 images per person (1 colour, 2 mono OR 2 colour , 1 mono) due to the sheer number of prints that we have received in recent seasons. These should be accompanied by a matching PDI, sent to me at If any one is in any doubt or wants some help getting prints organised etc, please do not hesitate to ask.

Similarly, anyone who wants to enter but can't make it along on Tuesday, please let me know and a drop-off can be arranged. We want as many people as possible to take part.

Dancing Light by Alan Edwards - Mono Print of the Year 2018

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