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Twenty20 (not Cricket)

This Tuesday we have our annual image exchange with Carnoustie Photo Group - now aptly named the Twenty20 - a name not stolen from limited overs cricket at all.

In the past we have looked through the images sent to us by Carnoustie PG, discussed them and made some 'on the hoof' edits, before reporting the findings back to them the following month. This season is a little different, as they have provided us with 20 images of real quality, and it really might be quite a short evening if we set out to improve them!

Instead, after the apparent success of last week, we are going to have another go at judging the images. We'll follow a similar format - discuss them in turn and then run through them again and score them out of 20. We can then go back and look to see if any editing might help some of them. I'll do my best to take some notes for feeding back to the members at Carnoustie in the 21st February.

We also have a 10 in 10 talk from Ken Ness, which will undoubtedly be interesting!

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