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Brechin Arts Festival Trophy - Jock Elliott

"Aberfeldy" by Jock Elliott

Each season we have eight trophies - seven of which are for the individual competitions, and one chosen by the Committee to go to the 'most improved photographer' in the club - called the Brechin Arts Festival Trophy.

Since the award was established in 2007 there has typically been one stand-out candidate, but this year it has been a much harder decision, with the general standard throughout the club improving significantly.

However, after putting the matter to the Committee to vote on, those that responded all chose Jock Elliott as the worthy winner.

"Warbler" by Jock Elliott (the debate as to whether it's a chiffchaff or a willow warbler will rage on for years to come)

Jock was also runner up in Division 2 this year, and as such will be promoted to the top league next season. Jock's skills and improvement stood out across a range of genres, but his growing love for wildlife photography holds huge promise for next season and beyond.

"Turnstone" by Jock Elliott

Congratulations to Jock for winning the Brechin Arts Festival Trophy for 2018/19!

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