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RAW editing

This week we have a members' night, and the plan is to look at the 20 images that we will send to Carnoustie PG for them to edit. Thank you to everyone who has submitted RAW files (and some uncompressed JPEGs too) - we now have a selection of 20 images that offer a great variety of editing potential.

We will see how we get on tomorrow, going through the 20 images. Hopefully we'll cover some editing techniques that might inspire you to try something new. Some images need only some basic work to bring the best out of them, some need something a bit more in depth, and some might lend themselves to something much more creative - but that is up to the group to decide.

These nights have proved to be great fun in the past, and hopefully there'll be something to learn from it too. As always, please do not be afraid to ask any questions or make any suggestions as we go along, the more people get involved the more everyone in the club gets out of it.

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