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Main Project feedback

Tonight we are delighted to welcome back Steve Whittaker to the club to offer his feedback on our Main Project submissions. A slightly disappointing entry this year (perhaps due to the amount of other competitions on the go), but nevertheless a lot of pictures for Steve to talk about, and the quality of the entries is terrific.

Steve's feedback is always really constructive and helpful, so even if you didn't enter, come along tonight and I'm sure you will learn something positive along the way.

Below is Iain McLachlan's winning set of images from last season's Main Project.

I hope people will be inspired by the variety of images on show tonight, and by Steve's comments. I invited Dawn Black to speak to us earlier in the season to try to encourage you all to think about projects rather than just taking pictures. Steve is always a great advocate of taking photographs ABOUT things rather than OF things, and approach lends itself to projects rather than single images. Really getting stuck into planning and implementing a project is a terrific way to improve our skills, and I hope more people will engage with this competition next season as a result.

The following week we have a members night, and then on the 10th March we have the Angus Cup and John Senior Trophy, so still much to look forward to this season!

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