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Annual Image Competition Round 1

Our Annual Image Competition has begun. At the beginning of October our first guest judge, David Watson DPGB from Aberdeen, gave his feedback and marks for both divisions over Zoom.

This competition is marked out of twenty points with each member who wants to take part submitting up to two images. The higher scoring image in each of the four rounds is added up so that the marks will be totalled, out of eighty, to find the winner of the competition. The winner of Division 1 will be awarded the David Clark Trophy and the winner of Division 2, the Jim Snedden Shield.

In Division 2 David chose 'Stand Out in a Crowd' by Paul Thomson as the winning image.

In second place was 'Sharing?' by Peter Reilly.

Third place in Division 2 was 'Montrose Basin Sunset' by Tim Caselton.

The winning image in Division 1 was 'Blackbirds' by Jock Elliott.

In second place was 'Erythronium' by Beryl Woodger.

Third place in Division was 'High Hopes After Morning Rain' by Anne May.

David was so impressed with the high standard of entries that several images were awarded high marks getting the competition off to a very competitive start. Our thanks go to David for the carefully considered, constructive comments he gave to every image.


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