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Annual Image Competition Round 2

This was our first print competition of the session and the first in the Annual Image rounds since the start of Covid in 2020. Our judge David Clark from Laurencekirk gave his comments in person and was very thorough, insightful and helpful in what he said. David has a huge amount of experience and expertise in printing so was able to give advice from which we can all learn. For those members new to printing the hope is they'll be able to build on this experience and be ready to print again for Round 4.

The quality of many of the submissions was so good that David found it hard to separate the winning images, particularly in Division 1 as you can see below and in the Gallies tab above.

1st place Division 2 - Dusk by John Griffith

2nd place Division 2 - I'll Have That, Thank You by Steve Tucker

3rd place Division 2 - Loneliest Pot in the World by Chris Twyman

1st place Division 1 - Otherwise All Was Calm by Hayley-Jane Freeman

2nd equal Division 1 - Iris by Paul Thomson

2nd equal Division 1 - Common Blue by Ben Freeman

2nd equal Division 1 - Daisies in a Blue Jug by Hayley-Jane Freeman

3rd equal Division 1 - Sea Thistle by Ian Bain

3rd equal Division 1 - On Guard by Anne May

3rd equal Division 1 - Small Beach, Harris by Ben Freeman

3rd equal Division 1 - Arbroath Paddling Pool by Manuel Brieske

3rd equal Division 1 - Morning Walk by Steve Carle

3rd equal Division 1 - Making Friends by James Anderson

3rd equal Division 1 - Capitol Gorge Rocks


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