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Annual Image Competition Round 3

Margaret Elliot DPAGB EFIAP from Dumfries judged the digital images for Round 3 by Zoom. On totalling the points awarded it's clear that Round 4 is going to be very exciting with so many members in both divisions having a chance to win. James Anderson was in first place in Division 1 and Peter Reilly first in Division 2.

1st place Division 1 - Plucking Pigeon by James Anderson

2nd place Division 1 - Ripening Blueberries by Anne May

3rd equal Division 1 - Hanging On by Steven Carle

3rd equal Division 1 - Northern Lights Over St Cyrus Church by Chamila Brieske

1st place Division 2 - Kotor Airfield by Peter Reilly

2nd place Division 2 - The Artist by Gordon Milne

3rd equal Division 2 - Rock Pipit by Chris Twyman

3rd equal Division 2 - Kiss Me Quick by Steve Tucker

3rd equal Division 2 - High Tea by Steve Tucker


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