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Happy New Year

The first meeting of 2023 was to hear the results and feedback on the final round of the Annual Image Competition. After three rounds the scores for Division 1 were extremely close so it was an exciting finale. Steve Carle looked as if he was unbeatable in Division 2 but the other places were very close. We welcomed David Clark, from Laurencekirk, as the judge whose scores would decide the winners. His carefully considered, constructive comments were much appreciated and we all enjoyed viewing images of a very high standard.

Congratulations to the joint winners of Division 1 - Jock Elliott and Paul Thomson, and the winner of Division 2 - Steve Carle.

Here are the winning images of Round 4 of the Annual Image Competition -

Division 1 - 1st place - Juvenile Goshawk by Jock Elliott.

Division 1 - 2nd equal - Poppyseed Heads by Ian Bain.

Division 1 - 2nd equal - Harbour Sunset by Paul Thomson.

Division 1 - 3rd equal - The Corner Office by Iain Wilson.

Division 1 - 3rd equal - Red Winged Dragonfly by James Anderson.

Division 1 - 3rd equal - Brechin Buccaneers Paint Run by Ian McLachlan.

Division 2 - 1st place - Peak a Boo by Irene Cooper.

Division 2 - 2nd place - Welcome to My Island by Peter Reilly.

Division 2 - 3rd place - Holiday Girl by Peter Reilly.


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