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Open Competition 2017 Winners

Many thanks to Stewart Dodd LRPS from Dundee for coming along to judge our open competition last night and for his constructive critique.

Some of the main points raised during the judging process were as follows:

Try to control highlights and shadows so as to ensure maximum detail is retained in the image. Crop out uninteresting and empty areas that lend nothing to the finished composition. When considering your best composition think about leading lines through the image and that the main subject is not hidden behind foreground elements. For dramatic light choose the right time of day to take photos, to add impact to your landscapes. Sometimes less is more, a simple image can pack a lot of impact.

Well done to everyone who won and indeed everyone who entered the competition. There were some truly excellent images throughout the entire judging process and while only a few can win per division, I'd say there were many just as worthy and it probably wasn't easy for Stewart to narrow those down. So yes! Well done everybody!

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