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It's Been Quite a Journey All Right!

Tonight's final round of the Annual Image Competition turned out to be a bit of a nail-biter for some of us. Many thanks to Bob Humphreys with his thorough and constructive critique and scoring of the pictures as always.

  • Ian Hastie and Ken Ness share the crown of Division 1 champion for 2017/18.

  • Anne Wright wins Division 2, with her and Ian Bain promoted to Division 1 for next season.

  • Hayley-Jane Stanley wins Division 3, with her and Richard Thompson promoted to Division 2 for next season.

The winning images from tonight's 'The Journey' were as follows: -

1st place division 1 - 'Arctic Adventure' by Iain McLachlan

2nd place division 1 - 'Off We Go' by Beryl Woodger

3rd place division 1 - 'A Walk in the Woods' by George Clubb

1st place division 2 - 'Packed to Go' by Ian Bain

2nd place division 2 - 'finishing in Fading Light' by Anne Wright

3rd place division 2 - 'Evacuees 1940' by Gordon Milne

1st place division 3 - 'Scarlet's Walk' by Hayley-Jane Stanley

2nd place division 3 - 'Journey's End' by Richard Thompson

3rd place division 3 - 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' by Hayley-Jane Stanley

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