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Practical Night - 11/09/18

Each season, we have a practical night on the second week back. This is generally very relaxed and aimed at practical skills, socialising with and learning from others. It also provides an opportunity to sign up for the season for those who missed last week, and talk through a few ideas for the season ahead.

We have a better laptop than in previous seasons, with an up to date version of lightroom and photoshop - so anyone who has any unedited RAW files that they'd like to send to Ben at, or bring on a memory stick on the night, we can edit them live and give you all an idea of what we can accomplish with the new equipment. This might spark ideas for future members' nights, or give you some more ideas about workflow and the potential of post-editing.

For the rest of the evening we thought it might be a good idea for members to bring in some photography related equipment they use or have tried for discussion. This means accessories more so than cameras themselves for example this could be a light tent or other lighting equipment, extension tubes, special filter kits, things we use external to the camera body etc. Any weird and unusual things you use to take photos - bring them along! A sort of 'what's in my bag' chat amongst the group.

'Most' of what I lug about with me all day! No wonder my back hurts so much!

You may also bring along any photography books that you can highly recommend for people to read and tell us why you rate them. Should get us all talking till the cows come home!

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