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Dianne Owen, Competitions, and Puffins

Dianne Owen FRPS

Well, I hope everyone who came along last night enjoyed Dianne Owen's presentation and photographs. The quality of her prints and the long list of awards and accolades she has received speak for themselves, but it was great to understand a bit more about her photos, and how much they mean to her on a personal and emotional level. I found that very inspiring.

I won't post any of her images here, as she prefers to have her images viewed in print, or at least in high resolution on her own website, but please check her website out at

I thought the following quote from her website might be valuable to share though, because there is so much more to photography than what score a judge gives you - in fact that isn't really very important at all most of the time:

"For most Club based Photographers It’s a hobby, enjoy it, get from it what you want to get from it, let other people get from it what they want. Appreciate the others peoples'work and help them to achieve more, put something Positive forward instead of Criticism and Segregation. If you can’t do it the learn how to do it and have an educated voice in the path of progress in our ever changing world of photography."

"Good photography, no matter how it’s created Darkroom,Traditional, Manipulated, Montage or Creative, the good ones will always come to the top, in any Club, Competition or Exhibition."

Open Competition

Speaking of competitions - the deadline for submission of entries for the Open competition was Tuesday, but if you missed it and still want to enter, we can extend that until Friday, as one or two members are on holiday and have requested some leniency. Seems only fair to extend that to all. Please can you get entries to Ben ( by lunchtime on Friday so he can get them off to the judge in the evening.

And Puffins

Next week we have a members' night. Ian Hastie is going to give us the second instalment of our new '10 in 10' talks, and will be nominating somebody to do the next one - so be prepared to hide at the back of the room!

Puffin #1 of 350 by Ben

After that, we will take the opportunity to look at some of the images that members have shared from the summer outings - which will mean a lot of puffins, but who doesn't love puffins?!?! Anyone who has images from the outings, to Fowlsheugh, The Isle of May, Drumtochty Highland Games or the evening walk in Brechin who hasn't already sent them in, please sent them to Ben at or bring them with you on a memory stick next week.

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next week.

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