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Club Auction and Raffle

Dear Fellow Member


As you will no doubt be aware, there’s a delicate balancing act in ensuring the club maintains a reasonable financial surplus from year to year whilst at the same time, putting on interesting and varied events throughout the season. Some of these events involve guest speakers and judges and there’s an associated cost with this.

Membership fees at BPS are purposefully held at the lower range of fees that are charged at photographic clubs in Scotland and therefore, as a club, we cannot rely wholly on fees to cover operating costs.

Supplementary income is derived from tea/coffee sales and occasional one off attendance charges to members of other clubs.

With that in mind, we’d like to announce that we will be holding our first BPS Auction on the evening of the club AGM Tuesday 26th March 2019

To make this work, we humbly request you look out unused/unloved photographic equipment, accessories, books, DVD’s, software and donate to the club for this auction. It doesn’t have to be big value items but these of course are welcomed. In no particular order do you have any of the following you would like to donate:

  • Camera bodies

  • Lenses

  • Tripods

  • Filters

  • Filter sets

  • Photographic Books

  • Photographic DVD’s

  • Photo software

As well as this, do you have a skill to auction off?

  • Your president, Ben Freeman has offered a 4 hour seascape workshop (Reserve £50) – max 4 people and cost can be shared amongst 4 if so desired.

  • I’ll offer a bird/wildlife workshop outdoors taking you through finding subjects and looking at optimal settings for current conditions and getting the pictures you are after or anything else you can think of! (Reserve £50) – max 4 people and costs can be shared.

If other members feel they have any services they can offer (not necessarily photography based – no sniggering please) please contact me asap.

Please drop off your auction items at the club each Tuesday starting 5th February and up to and including Tuesday 12th March, allowing us good time to log each item. Obviously , the earlier, the better. It is hoped we can circulate a list of auction items in advance of the AGM so that those that cannot attend AGM can participate if they so wish.


In addition to the club auction, we will also hold a raffle for members over the next few weeks with raffle tickets being available from next Tuesday, culminating in a big club raffle draw on the same night, 26th March 2019.

Again, if you could donate something – a bottle of spirits, wine, choccies (anything else you can think of), by 12th March 2019 we can provide a prize list in advance and hopefully sell a few more raffles!

Your club is reliant on your goodwill and support to help make this a success and I’d like to thank you all in advance for your active participation. Your committee is open to any ideas that would help make this a successful fundraiser for our club.

Thanks all

Ian Hastie on behalf of BPS committee

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