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Main Project Results

On Tuesday Harry Scott visited the club to deliver his feedback on our main projects. He put a huge amount of work into his careful assessment of the images, and provided tonnes of constructive advice - in the end his presentation was more than 400 slides. We were really keen to make the process as much of a learning experience as possible - the concept of the Main Project is to introduce the idea of preparing a cohesive project, rather like you would if attempting an RPS distinction process.

We are therefore very grateful to the work Harry put into his part of the process, and I'm sure everyone who was there on Tuesday went away with ideas to work on in the photography, whether as a result of feedback on their own project, or by listening to the feedback in general.

But ultimately, the evening was also about identifying a winner, and that went to Iain McLachlan with his superb project on Kinloch Castle, including some of his trademark expert drone images.

Harry also identified his favourite images from the whole evening, with the top three being - 3rd, Ian Hastie's Gannets, 2nd, Jock Elliott's Razorbill in Flight, and 1st Ian Bain's Targe Maker.

Runner up in the Main Project was Ian Bain's Targe Maker At Work set

Third place in the Main Project went to Ben Freeman, for A World In Miniature

Thank you to all who took part in the competition - 21 projects was a lot of pictures, and the quality was very high throughout.

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