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Brechin 2020

As many of you will know, June 13th 2020 will mark the celebration of 800 years of Brechin Cathedral. While we haven't been about for quite that long, we are one of the oldest camera clubs in Scotland, and as a part of the Brechin community for 131 years, it seems fitting that we contribute something towards the celebrations.

We are continuing to liaise with the Brechin 2020 Committee, and at present have a couple of potential projects to explore further.

Our annual exhibition runs from the 4th May until the 2nd June at the Townhouse Museum - perfectly timed for the run up to the big celebration. We would therefore like to dedicate one room of our exhibition to images of or about the Cathedral, or the history of Brechin. The Cathedral is a magnificent building, and offers a lot of potential for photographs.

For the exhibition this year, therefore, we invite you all to submit two prints of your choice, but also a third print relating to the Cathedral and the celebrations.

The Cathedral is open from 9am-5pm in the summer time, and 9am-3:30pm through the winter.

The second project that we may be able to attempt is to create some old/new images of the city. We are hoping to be given access to some of the large archive of historic images of the city, which we can attempt to recreate in 2019/20. More news on this in due course. We may also be tasked with restoring some old photos - and this might be a valuable topic for a members night feature, as I am sure many members have old images that they would like to know how to restore in phoptoshop.

So this is a heads-up of what is to come, and an encouragement to get involved and take some images of the cathedral for the exhibition in May 2020. I had 20 minutes to take the pictures above (traffic warden on the prowl!) but could happily have spent a couple of hours looking for less obvious images - I'll definitely be back to take some more pictures!

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