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Tonight Kevin Thomson gave us a brilliant '10 in 10' talk about instagram, showcasing the photography of some of his favourite instagrammers, and explaining a bit about how the platform works as a place to share images, gain feedback and seek inspiration.

You can now find the club on instagram at @brechinps hopefully lots more to come on there in the future! The page also now follows all the pages featured by Kevin, so follow us and they'll be easy to find! Start tagging your photos with #brechinps too.

Kevin has shared his presentation, so you can look back through and look up the photographers he mentioned, as well as explore the hashtags he posted at the end. It's a pdf file, but all the links should work fine.

Just a note to say that instagram only lets you view images on a computer, not post them - it's designed to be used primarily as a mobile app, so set it up on your phone or tablet and get posting!

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