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Annual Image Competition Round 2

The judging of the second round of our Annual Image Competition was both entertaining and very informative. Many thanks to David Sadler for putting a lot of time and effort into his feedback and judging - I keep harping on about it, but it's a big task to assess 70+ images and provide such comprehensive feedback on them all. The end results will always carry a degree of subjectivity, but the feedback from all of the images can only help us improve our photography.

Having said that, I think the winning images were all worthy of their placing, and are all shown below.

Div 3 -

1 - West from White Caterthun - Chris Beattie

2 - Gannet - Gordon Law

3 - Old School - John Carroll

Div 2 -

1 - Roman Alley - Iain Wilson

2 - Spume - John Griffith

3 - Twilight City Silhouette - Sally Mack

Div 1 -

1 - Catching the Wave - James Anderson

2 - Brown Hare Strut - Ian Hastie

3 - Fly on a Poppy - Iain McLachlan

3 - Ghosts of Our Ancestors - Ian Hastie

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