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Annual Image Competition Round 3

We were delighted to welcome Chris Bell from Deeside to the club to judge our third instalment of the Annual Image Competition, and boy did he put a lot of work into providing incredibly helpful and detailed feedback on the images.

Again, the standard of images was high, and Chris picked out a number of 'top 3' images in each division.

Division 2

1st place went to Anne May for 'Time Goes By' (which was also the 'Judges Choice' in Division 2), scoring a maximum 20 points

Joint 2nd place, scoring 19 points was Anne again with 'Harvest In Ethiopia'

and Norman Mackenzie with 'In the Thorns'

Sharing 3rd spot with 18 points were Norman Mackenzie with 'Dragonfly'

Chris Barnes-Twyman with 'Pals'

and Charlie Allison with 'The Tay Bridge from Wormit Bay'

Division 1

Things were even tighter in Division 1 - in joint 1st place, scoring 20 points were Iain McLachlan with 'Safari'

and Lynn Stout with 'The Provider'

2nd place, and 19 points was shared between Iain Wilson with 'Ignition'

James Anderson with 'Plain Throated Sunbird'

and Ben Freeman with 'Green-veined White'

Sharing third spot, and scoring 18 points were 'Orange-tip' by Ben Freeman

'Wave Control' by Ian Hastie

'Damsel Fly' by Iain McLachlan

'Pine Marten (3)' by Jim Carr

and 'Arctic Tern' by Ian Hastie

Finally, despite not quite making the top three, Ian Bain's 'Smoking' was chosen by Chris as his 'Judges Choice' in Division 1, as something different and incredibly atmospheric.


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