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Be the Judge!

On Tuesday evening we've decided to tackle the choosing of Brechin's images for the Angus Cup and John Senior Trophy a little differently, and hopefully in a way that will be far more fun! We also have a 10 in 10 talk from Iain McLachlan to look forward to.

Andy went some way to explain the job of the judge on Tuesday night, but for many reasons it might be beneficial to know a bit more about the process. The SPF and PAGB publish guidance for judges, which you might be interested to hear. We will all then have a go at being the judge in order to select the club's entry for the Angus Cup and John Senior Trophy.

For those new to the club, the Angus Cup (digital) and John Senior Trophy (print) are competitions between local clubs, established back in 2004. The event has grown over the years, and last year six clubs fought it out. With Arbroath sadly closing the club this year, there are now five clubs competing: -

  • Carnoustie Photo Group (hosts for 2019)

  • Carnoustie Camera Club

  • Kirriemuir Photography Club

  • Mearns Camera Club

  • Brechin Photographic Society

The competition will be judged on the 12th March in the Cathedral Hall in Brechin, and the judge will be Al Buntin ARPS MPAGB. Each club will submit 7 PDIs and 7 prints, with the club with the highest total score being awarded the relevant trophy.

Brechin were victorious in the John Senior Trophy last year, and the trophy currently sits proudly on my printer table.

A fairly large selection of images were chosen to form a longlist, which has been considered by a small panel of four Committee members - each choosing their top 14. Where three (or more) of the panel chose an image, it will form part of our entry. Where one or two of the panel chose an image, it forms the shortlist.

All members who come along on Tuesday will be issued with a score sheet, and we will discuss the images as a group, but then you will score each one out of 20 (anonymously, so you can be honest - and as brutal as you like). There will be between 20 and 30 images to score, so it should be a good challenge - and go some way to showing how difficult the job of a judge can be!

After the tea break, Iain McLachlan will be doing a 10 in 10 talk, while Ian Hastie and I will attempt to calculate the scores. We will finish the evening by revealing the winners, and deciding which shall be print and which shall be PDI entries.

It's something of an experiment, but the intention is for it to be an entertaining process, and maybe help to shed some light on the dark art of judging, so I hope to see a good turnout. If you've managed to read this far - please bring a pen with you on Tuesday!!

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