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Your Club Needs You!

Tomorrow night we have the final members' night of the year, before Christmas Dinner the following week and then a couple of weeks to take stock and relax over the festive period. However, it promises to be a busy night.

This time of year is always quite hectic, with competitions galore. This year we also have an additional exhibition to prepare for, so we need your input.

The club has had a terrific atmosphere all season, with club nights really well attended and competition entries surpassing anything we've had before. However, we still have less members than we have in the past, so the club needs everyone to engage with the syllabus to keep it moving.

We therefore have a number of announcements tomorrow, including information on the forthcoming competitions and exhibitions. The club magazine also needs input from members, and the all important front cover competition will be kicked off again.

So be prepared to be bombarded with information tomorrow, and expect homework!!

In the second half of the evening, Iain McLachlan will be showing us some photos and sharing some stories of his recent trip to Africa, which will be altogether more relaxing!

Maybe not with these on the prowl!!

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