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Long Exposures with the Professor of Light - Ian Cairns

Sunday 19th January 2020

Long Exposures with the Professor of Light – Ian Cairns!

Hi Folks,

It’s taken a bit of time to get this event together for various reasons but I’m sure you’ll have an enjoyable time and hopefully get some very different images.

I’ve been lucky to attend a couple of similar events hosted by Ian and no doubt he will bring along a bootful of interesting gizmos to keep us all guessing.

Hope to see you there., this is one you don’t want to miss.

WHERE: Meet beside Seafront Splash, Montrose Beach.

WHEN: 4pm

WHAT TO BRING: Tripod, Torch (if you have), shutter release cable (if you have), a spare battery

PREPARATION: Make sure you know how to switch BULB mode on. The shutter will remain open as long as you decide. Ian will tell you when to activate shutter and when to stop. If you are unsure, come earlier and we can assist.


Ian Hastie

One of the many contraptions that Ian has made creates these light spheres

Spinning lights

Alien-like patterns in the dark

The highlight is always the wire wool spinning

There may be opportunities to set Mr Cairns on fire like we did in Aberdeen

Loads of effects are possible

Ian down on the beach in Aberdeen

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