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Annual Image Competition Final Round

Thank you to everyone who came along tonight for the judging of the final round of the Annual Image Competition. With each of the three divisions still up for grabs, it was an exciting night, and my brain hurts from trying to calculate the results on the hoof!

Particular thanks to Nicola Shepherd LRPS CPAGB EFIAP for her detailed and constructive feedback tonight. We've been spoilt with quality judges this season, and Nicola was no exception tonight, and I'm sure everyone will have picked up some great information from her comments tonight.

However, tonight's results first...

Division 1 -

1st " Black Darter" by Ben Freeman

2nd "Boddin Limekilns" by Ben Freeman

3rd "Leading Lines" by Ian Hastie

Division 2 -

1st "Blue Tit" by Jim Carr

2nd "Rattray Head" by Jim Carr

3rd "High Rise Washing" by Sally Mack

Divison 3 -

1st "Great Expectations" by Anne May

2nd "Walk on By" by Kevin Thomson

3rd "Monarch of Skye" by Tim Caselton

And the outcome of the Annual Image Competition...

Division 1 was shared between Hayley-Jane Stanley, Ian Hastie and Ben Freeman on 73 points.

Division 2 was won by John Griffith with 71 points, and

Division 3 was shared between Kevin Thomson and Chris Beattie on 74 points.

Congratulations to the winners, and to the engravers who has a big job ahead on him!

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