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Annual Image Competition Round 1

Chris Bell from Deeside judged the first round of our Annual Image Competition. He gave excellent advice and constructive comments which we'll be able to use to improve our photography. Chris's task of giving marks was made more difficult by the consistently high standard of submissions in both divisions.

This was the first of four rounds with each member being able to submit up to two images in each round. Images are given marks by the judge out of twenty and the higher score is used to give a total out of eighty. The member with the highest total in Division 1 will be awarded the David Clark Trophy and in Division 2 the Jim Snedden Shield.

First place in Division 2 was 'Knickerbrook - Oulton Park' by Steve Carle.

In second place was 'Tit on a Twig' by Steve Carle.

Third equal were 'Vicuna at Rest' by Chris Twyman ...

and 'Hand Art' by Andrew Hall.

Commended was 'A Truly 'Golden' Goldie' by Steve Tucker.

Also commended was 'Flying High' by Irene Cooper.

Another commended image in Division 2 was 'Learning Levels' by Andrew Hall.

First place in Division 1 was 'Swan' by Iain McLachlan.

Second equal were 'Catch of the Day' by James Anderson ...

... and 'Large Red Damselfly' by Jock Elliott.

Third equal were 'Peace and Tranquility' by Paul Thomson ...

... and 'The Stare' by by Jock Elliott.

Commended was 'Whiffling' by Anne May.

Also commended in Division 1 and the Judge's Choice was 'First View of Vic Falls' by Paul Thomson.


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