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Beautiful Prints and a Nail-biting Finish

We were pleased to welcome back Steve Whittaker ARPS in person to present his carefully considered comments for the fourth and final round of the Annual Image Competition 2023-24. Following the three previous rounds the points were very close making for an exciting finish and the standard of prints submitted was high showing that some of us, particularly those of us who either haven't printed before or are rusty after digital only competitions throughout the Covid years, are beginning to improve our printing skills. Steve's encouraging, constructive comments should help us all to build on that and make further progress in future competitions.

The results meant that the winner of Division 1 is James Anderson with Paul Thomson, Steven Carle, Chamila Brieske and Anne May in equal second place and Manuel Brieske third. The winner of Division 2 is Steve Tucker, Sally Mack is second and Peter Reilly in third place. Congratulations to all.

The winners of Round 4 can be seen below.

1st Place Division 1 - Cycle Town In the Rain by Paul Thomson

2nd Equal Division 1 - Miao Woman at Lusheng Festival, China by Manuel Brieske

2nd Equal Division 1 - Rory Skinner by Steven Carle

3rd Equal Division 1 - Winter's Evening at Fasque by Norman Mackenzie

3rd Equal Division 1 - Launderette Revolution by Iain Wilson

3rd Equal Division 1 - Shades of Coffee and Blue by Anne May

1st Division 2 - Geometry by Sally Mack

2nd Equal Division 2 - Marsh Fritillary by Sheila Mather

2nd Equal Division 2 - Lights on Tower Bridge by Sally Mack

3rd Equal Division 2 - Tiger Swimming by Steve Tucker

3rd Equal Division 2 - King of the Jungle by Steve Tucker


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