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Brechin Arts Festival Trophy - Norman Mackenzie

As the competition season draws to a close, and ahead of the AGM on Tuesday, it is customary for the final trophy winner to be declared. Chosen by a panel of experts, the recipient of the Brechin Arts Festival Trophy is considered to be the most improved photographer of the year.

This always used to be easy - but in the last few seasons so many photographers at the club have shown such a huge improvement in their skills it is never so straightforward. However, this year, Norman Mackenzie has stood out as the club member who has honed his skills significantly over the last 12 months, across a number of different styles of photography, showing a particular proclivity during the summer for macro photography.

In the Barley (3rd= in Colour Print of the Year)

By the Pond (3rd= in Digital Image of the Year)

Female Blue-tailed Damselfly

Fasque Loch

Having finished as runner up in Division 2, narrowly losing out on the top spot, Norman will also be battling it out in Division 1 next season.


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