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Scurdie Ness Outing - Sunday 10th Dec

This coming Sunday we have our second outing of the year, at Scurdie Ness. For those who like their engineering and history, Scurdie Ness Lighthouse was built by David and Thomas Stevenson, and commissioned in 1870, and is an excellent example of a Stevenson lighthouse - always excellent focal points for photographs. While still in use, the house and grounds are privately owned, but there are many photo opportunities around the perimeter of it, and along the rocky headland it sits on.

The weather forecast is for cold and sunny with a reasonable breeze, and while it is low tide just after 1pm, we are approaching a neap tide, so there should be plenty of opportunity for long exposures and images incorporating the sea.

The plan is to meet at the car park at the end of River Street at 12 noon and walk to the lighthouse, which is around a mile each way, mostly along a tarmac road. You can park at the top of the hill and avoid the steps but the local residents tend to get a bit upset at people parking in front of their houses on the narrow street, so it is best avoided. There's plenty of space in the car park.

If you want to try long exposure photos, please bring filters with you, and help will be on hand to assist with any questions you might have. There will also be a chance of some wildlife too, with eider ducks, waders, cormorants and seals all common sights. Dolphins aren't uncommon here too - apparently!

Really look forward to seeing you there, should be an enjoyable afternoon (but it will be cold so bring a hat).

Afterwards, if you could send any pictures you might have taken to Ben at as soon as possible, as we plan on showing a few of them on the following Tuesday night at the Members' Night, along with some pictures from the House of Dun outing earlier on in the season.

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