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Great News!!! National Lottery Awards for All Scotland success!

This evening we are able to bring you brilliant news - our bid for grant funding from National Lottery Awards for All Scotland has been successful. We are in much need of updated computer and projection equipment for the club, but the cost of the quality of equipment that the club really needs and the members deserve was outwith our means. We are currently working with a donated (well worn and outdated) laptop and a projector that has a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels - well short of the 1600 x 1200 size that is standard for photography competitions now.

It was brought to our attention at the end of last season that another local camera club had received funding from the National Lottery to upgrade their equipment, so the Committee decided to have a go too. We have Ian Hastie to thank for hard work put into completing the bid process and following up with responses to questions and requests for further information over the last few weeks and months.

We have been granted sufficient money to purchase a high quality projector capable of projecting resolutions of 1920 x 1200, with more than twice the brightness of the current one, and also a high powered laptop that can handle the higher resolution required and also have the processing power required for rapid photo editing. This will enable us to provide better than ever demonstrations of photo editing, as well as opening up new possibilities of video and audio/visual work which is becoming a greater and greater part of the photography hobby. Our current equipment is simply not capable of doing this.

The funds will be paid to the club shortly, so we should have all the new equipment up and running well before Christmas.

I'm sure everyone will be delighted with this great news. Huge thanks to Ian Hastie for his hard work, and all at the the National Lottery Awards for All team who supported our bid.

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