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Isle of May Summer Outing

Big day out on Sunday 14th July for your diaries. Back by popular demand - Our annual Isle of May trip - hopefully seabirds galore and perhaps the odd puffin. Its not all about birds, there's a great history about the island and some nice architecture and RUST!

Sailing time to Isle of May is 11.00am but please be at harbour well before then.....and post car sharing opps etc. If you get there early you may be able to grab a top level view from boat (and then run inside 2 minutes after setting off)

Assuming the weather is fine, the boat will also take us right round the island, either on the way or on the way back (tide dependant) - which is a fascinating experience. After we return back onshore, we will convene to a local (or St Andrews) hostelry/chippie to discuss days events. If you need to jet straight back up the road fair enough but the bigger the gathering the better. IMPORTANT The sailings are getting very busy and usually fill up most weekends so please book now and ensure you select the sailing on the May Princess (as opposed to the Rib). Cost is £28 per adult and £24 for concessions.

Fascinating Lighthouse History

RUST - old compressed air tanks from the fog horn system

Shags - reptilian looking birds - can be seen close up

The main light, one of Robert Stevenson's masterpieces

The Bishop sea stack - you will be asked to tip your hat to him as part of a traditional maritime superstition.

Looking back on the way to the chip shop

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