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Annual Image Competition Round 1

Kylie Martin from Sutton Coldfield judged Round 1 and gave her thoughtful, constructive comments on Zoom. Some of our new members did particularly well, especially Chamila who was awarded a first and third equal place in Division 1.

1st Division 1 - Leopard Botswana by Chamila Brieske.

2nd Division 1 - And the Tide Came and Went by Michael Marten.

3rd Equal Division 1 - Sunset from the Dunes by Hayley-Jane Freeman.

3rd Equal Division 1 - Fox in the Snow by Chamila Brieske.

1st Division 2 - Busy Morning on the Vale Blanche at Chamonix by Charlie Allison.

2nd Division 2 - Green 'Bloom' Chrysanthemum by Jean Wigglesworth.

3rd Division 2 - You Sleep I'll Keep Watch by Steve Tucker.


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