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Annual Image Competition Round 2

Howard Kennedy was our judge for Round 2, once again over Zoom. He was immensely impressed by the high standard of images submitted for judging saying "Seeing so many superb images in one competition made it very easy to enjoy but more difficult to judge. I don't think I have ever judged a competition with such a high proportion of stunning work."

'Two in a Bush' by Lindsay Cameron was Howard's choice as the winner in Division 2.

In second place was 'Ripe and Ready' by Andrew Hall.

Third place in Division 2 was 'A Prickly Disposition' by Tim Caselton.

In Division 1 Howard couldn't separate some images giving first place and twenty points to two submissions, three second places with nineteen points and four third placed images being awarded eighteen points.

First equal in Division 1 were 'Siskin Acrobatics' by Jock Elliott, two first places in a row for Jock.

First equal was 'Garden Bug' by Iain McLachlan.

Second equal were 'Successful Dive' by James Anderson .......

....... 'Zootoca Vivipara' by Ben Freeman ......

....... and "Ice Tulip' by Anne May.

In 3rd equal place were 'The timeless pleasure of a day at the beach' by Iain Wilson,

'Nuthatch' by James Carr,

'Teasels Lights' by Pat Ness,

and 'Arctic Explorer' by Anne Wright.

There were so many other superb images and we appreciate the positive, thoughtful comments made by Howard which we hope will help us all improve our photography and encourage us to keep aiming to do better.


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