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Final Zoom of 2020-21

President Norman with the Angus Cup.

The final meeting of the 2020-21 session was an entertaining Members' Night on Zoom. A few brave members contributed images and told us the story behind them, a similar evening to a members' night two weeks earlier with the focus this time on favourite photographic locations. The resulting chat added to the fun and provided more information and ideas which could prove useful over the summer months. Thanks very much to all who contributed.

We hope there will be some opportunities over the next few months for those who are interested in getting together outside, possibly in gardens open to the public for example, to share our enthusiasm for photography. Please look on the private group Facebook pages for more information about this throughout the summer.

Also remember the fortnightly Facebook challenges will continue. The present theme of "Out and About" ends on Saturday 1st May when the winner will announce the next challenge. It's fun, not to be taken too seriously, and can be an interesting way to extend your photographic skills. It's also an opportunity to try something new or practise what you already do really well. Sometimes a topic sends you into your archives, a wander down memory lane, or gives the possibility of trying new editing techniques.

Anyway, for those who haven't yet tried, you're welcome to pitch in and anyone who doesn't want to submit images you might find browsing the work of other contributors interesting or entertaining. Helpful, positive or witty comments are encouraged and encouraging.

Stay safe, have a great summer.


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