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Main Project

We were delighted to welcome back Andy Hayes ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB to judge the Main Project and give his constructive feedback on all the submissions via Zoom. In September Andy gave us advice and examples of how to put together twelve related images into a successful project and this was a chance to see how well everyone did as a result.

The projects covered a huge variety of subject matter making Andy's task particularly difficult and the standard was, once again, very high. Andy admitted placing the top three projects in the correct order was a challenge and he changed his mind several times. The final order, to my relief, was in first place, "A Walk in the Woods" by Anne May. Second was "Starlings" by Jock Elliott and third "Andy Out of Lockdown" by Jennifer Moffat. Iain Wilson's "Car" got a special mention and was just out of the top three. The top projects can be seen in full on the Galleries page.

First - "A Walk in the Woods" by Anne May.

Second - "Starlings" by Jock Elliott.

Third - "Andy Out of Lockdown" by Jennifer Moffat.


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